DIY Night: How to Recover Dining Room Chairs

Can I get a high five?

Yup, that's right, the dining chairs are D-U-N done! I am so proud of myself, if you couldn't tell.
 I started working on them at 7:30 last night, and was finished and cleaned up by 9. That included realizing that my staple gun didn't come with any staples and making a Menards run!

Here's my recap

Dining Room Chairs Re-Do - Fabric Selections

Our dining chairs are trashed. Between the dog and the preschooler, the seats look seriously nasty. Wonderful wooden chairs and matching table are so not in the budget right now (another one of those things I'll pin...)  so I hope to soon attempt to recover the seat pads.

We have this budget friendly set from Walmart:

Solid khaki faux suede is not working for us.