Dining Room Chairs Re-Do - Fabric Selections

Our dining chairs are trashed. Between the dog and the preschooler, the seats look seriously nasty. Wonderful wooden chairs and matching table are so not in the budget right now (another one of those things I'll pin...)  so I hope to soon attempt to recover the seat pads.

We have this budget friendly set from Walmart:

Solid khaki faux suede is not working for us.

Here's some swatches I'm thinking of getting at Joann's this week. Requirements: patterned, durable, affordable, not too feminine, and has green.

Waverly Ring Toss Marine
Waverly Groovy Grill Spa
Waverly Side Step Marine

 There was a lattice style green fabric that I LOVE, but Mr E. would give me a hard time about it since it's pretty girly.  I've gotta be practical here.  There's no point in having everything look amazingly pretty in a house with two young boys, and man who's essentially a boy, and a slobbery dog. I'm leaning towards the Side Step fabric. Not a huge fan of it, but it'll hide spills the best. It's so hard to visualize the sizing of the patterns from online images, so I'll have to go to the store itself to buy. No way will I spend $20+ on home decor fabric only to have the pattern not be at all the right size ratio for the chairs. Time is money honey!

My plan:
1. unscrew the seat tops
2. clean off crumbs, goop, and yuck as much as possible from existing covers.
3. Lay seat upside down onto wrong side of new fabric. Make a rough sizing cut.
4. Spray seat with quilt basting spray for a working hold.
5. Use staple gun to do a "compass", always doing one side then the next, and pulling tight. Then I'll work out from the NSEW, carefully pleating and easing the corners.
6. Screw back onto chair and Dunzo!

I like planning things out, so I have a mental flow to go through, and to be able to compare my original thoughts with how it actually worked out.

I promise to post before, during and after pics.  Please please please let this weekend not be so crazy so I can get things done!

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