5 minute DIY Upcycle mini-project - Tshirt neckline redo

Well, let me start by saying that I'm apparently not good at this whole blog tutorial thingie. I do try, I promise :)

I did a mini-upcylcing project this weekend. It seriously took 5 minutes.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of what I did, but I was so excited to get it done that I forgot.

Five Free Family Activities near Milwaukee, WI

With my favorite time of year approaching, I love to be out and about with the family.
As always, budget of these trips is a concern. Sure there are plenty of places to go and things to do if your wallet is nice and fat, but what about families who can't afford much?  Well, problem solved. I've compiled a list of free things to do near Milwaukee. The last two are trips that I hope to make with the whole crew soon, and will post pics and stories when we get to it!

5 Tips for DIY Baby Food

From all the weekend mornings, afternoons, and late nights spent on making our own baby food in order to save money, I've learned a few things that I hope to pass on.

  1. Plan ahead. Freezing large quantities takes more planning than making just a couple days worth. How will you store the baby food?

DIY Homemade Baby food - Frozen Peas

Why did I not think of this before?   Seriously, I feel like kicking myself.
Making baby food from frozen veggies/fruit is SO MUCH EASIER! Somehow I thought that DIY baby food had to be all about buying fresh from the produce section then spending a ton of time processing it.
And I saved 50% over store bought baby food!  I just can't believe it :)

How to Make Your Own Baby Food: Fruit Recap

What a Sunday! A morning dedicated to peeling, cooking and blending, and now we have peaches, plums, and blueberries for Baby C to eat, all while saving half over the store bought food! This is a long post of the whole ordeal, so if you just want the end results, here:
Nearly 90oz of peaches at $0.08/oz
53 oz of plums at $ 0.07 /oz
and 27 mini cubes of blueberries from frozen we had on hand

Otherwise, keep reading on.. it is somewhat entertaining :)

Freezer Meal Recipes & Reviews!

I said I'd make a post about my adventures in freezer meals.  I've done it a few times before, and my approach to it has changed over the past few months.

It all started when I was pregnant.  Past the second trimester, it became clear that my energy level was dropping faster than my belly was growing. I have always tried to make well rounded meals for our family. I knew, too, that once baby came, good food meant more energy and quicker recovery.

Mr. E. cannot cook beyond spaghetti and pizza.  Love him dearly, but as much as I enjoy someone cooking for me... I'll keep the job of chef in our house :)   My only hopes of eating well in the days after baby was to cook it myself, and ensure it was fool-proof enough for him to reheat.