DIY Homemade Baby food - Frozen Peas

Why did I not think of this before?   Seriously, I feel like kicking myself.
Making baby food from frozen veggies/fruit is SO MUCH EASIER! Somehow I thought that DIY baby food had to be all about buying fresh from the produce section then spending a ton of time processing it.
And I saved 50% over store bought baby food!  I just can't believe it :)

I bought a 5lb bag of frozen peas at Sam's Club.  I plopped them into our big stock pot, added probably 2 cups of water, and let it simmer away for an hour or so.

The cost of the entire bag was $5.49, which comes out to $5.49/80oz, or $0.069/oz. 
The pack of Gerber 2nd Foods Veggies at Sam's, 18pk of 3.5oz, sells for $8.58, or $0.136/oz.  That's awesome! Almost half price!!!!

Frozen peas - full of vitamins and protein!

I did that thing again, where I put the burner up too high... so pea froth came bubbling up out of the pot and onto our stove top. Aww man.. and Mr. E just got done doing a super clean on it, drip pans and all!  I'm such a messy cook.

Saturday was a crazy hectic day, and there just wasn't any time (or sanity) to blend them up.  Plus my cube trays were full from the pears.  The peas got put into tupperware, and stashed away in the fridge to be blended another day.

Well, last night (Monday), I decided it was time to get those huge tupperwares full of bright green peas outta there! Our fridge is so not big enough for a family of four, and even with the tight budget = half empty fridge problem, 5 lbs of peas are not welcome for long.  I popped out all of Saturday's pears from the baby food trays (the ones I love are here), and packaged them up in a gallon Ziploc bag. Trays were washed.  Peas went into the blender, holy noisy & on the fritz blender, and then into the trays.

When you do this yourself, just make sure you have enough water in the blender to not burn it out, and to make the food the right consistency for your baby. The skins on the peas don't completely blend up into smoothness like store bought baby food peas do. It turned out lumpy, and if you're little one isn't into the textured stage you could strain the lumps out.

I filled up 42 oz of the trays, and then also about 10- 3.5 oz baby food tubs.  And I still have about 3 cups blended up that need to get frozen! I'm so glad I have no math to do in my head on this. Five pounds of frozen peas = five pounds of baby food peas.  Now tonight I have to pop out the cubes, wash trays and refill again with the left over puree.  Good thing Baby C likes peas!!

This super easy frozen food thing has me never wanting to cook up fresh stuff for him again (except for maybe apples, I love using the corer/slicer/peeler jig!).  Sam's sells a frozen fruit combo of peaches, strawberries, grapes and mango, I think.  Doesn't that sound delicious? I think that'll be next on my list of home-made baby food!

I'm heading over to Pick N Save tomorrow as well for some couponing. I'll take a peek at what they offer for frozen fruits and veggies, and what kind of deals they might have.

Have tips on saving money for baby? Drop a comment! I'd love to hear what you have to share!!

UPDATE: so apparently Baby C can't handle textures at all. When I try to feed him these homemade peas he gags until he pukes. Same as with the Beech nut homestyle textures carrots. He also can't handle the Gerber Graduates Puffs. I guess his reflexes for not choking on solid things are still highly prevalent, we'll just have to wait until he's a little older to do more peas. Until then, I'll have to get busy making other veggies for him to eat.

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