DIY Night: Homemade Baby Food Sweet Potatoes!

Oh the things I get done once the kids are in bed...

Last night was no exception. Despite this cold, I managed to process 4 pounds of sweet potatoes into food for Baby C. 

The Process

1. Wash & peel the sweet potatoes
Unpeeled - Peeled - Chopped

2. Chop into small pieces.  The smaller you make it, the quicker they will cook through. On the flip side, it takes more work to chop smaller pieces.  Since I planned on letting them sit in the pot for a bit while I cleaned, I chopped them in probably 2" chunks.

3. Add about 1" of water to large stock pot.  Set on medium.

4. Into pot, dump in peeled and chopped potatoes, let cook until tender through the middle. I let mine simmer for about 30 mintues uncovered.  Probably overkill since they were falling apart as I was stirring it, but I had other cleaning to get done. Oh well :)

5. Once cooked, put into blender & cover. Don't worry if you get alot of the cooking water in with, you'll need it to blend.

6. Pulse, pulse, do you have enough liquid? Add water if it's too pasty. Pulse, pulse, repeat until you've got enough water. Liquify!!!

7. Dish into trays, tubs, or jars - however you'd like to store your baby food.

8. Feed hungry child.

I chose to make a bunch of cubes of these sweet potatoes, since I'm planning on starting Baby C on meats soon.  I'll cook up a chicken breast, and freeze it as cubes too, so that we can mix and match some cubes for interesting dinners. Like chicken+sweet potato+apple. Yummo, I'd eat that!

The cube trays cooled in the fridge, and then went into our deep freeze for over night. Tomorrow, I'll take the cubes out of the trays, and put into freezer Ziploc bags. That way my trays are freed up to make other foods.  Random tip for these trays - it helps to run hot water over the bottom before taking out the cubes. Once the bottoms are warmed up a little, I take the handle of a butter knife, and press on one side of the cube. That pops up the other end, and I can grab it to put into the freezer bag. 

I really like having cubes of foods anyways, it's so simple to have bags of cubes, and be able to play around with different combos. I hope that our children have a knack for food the way I do, and I'm guessing that exposing them to a wide range of flavors and combinations can help encourage that. As they grow up, I'd love nothing more than to have their little hands (and minds!) busy in the kitchen along side of me, the same way my father taught me. <3, I'm getting all sentimental here.

The Cost

I bought the sweet potatoes at Sam's Club for $3.48 / 4lbs.
It made 42 cubes of 1 ounce each, and 8 jars of 4 ounces each.
It cost me about $0.05/oz...... the Gerber 2nd foods, even if bought at Sam's are over $.13/oz!

Bottom line - again I saved over 60%!!!

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