Homemade DIY Baby Food: Apples

The seventh day for rest? Nope, not in my home. Weekends are packed to the max with visiting friends, family, and chores around the house.

Sunday I turned 5 lbs of apples into baby food. I've really started to dislike making fruit baby foods, due to the juices when peeling and chopping. Coming to the rescue again was my Dad's apple corer/peeler/slicer thingamajig.

Here's a recap of how I did it:
Apple corer/peeler/slicer thingie. 

1. Wash apples. De-sticker them too.

2.  Set up your peeling station.  Have a garbage bowl nearby to quick clean up the peels & cores.  It'll get juicy, so place some a kitchen towel, or paper towels underneath.

3.   Put an inch or two of water in the bottom of your big stock pot. If your peeling station is close by, you can get the stove going on medium right away.  If not, bring the pot over to where you're peeling, so that the sliced apples have a place to go.

Product of the awesome thingamajig :)
4.  Crank away! Peel those delicious apples!  Lining up the apple on the spikes so that it get the core in the right place takes practice. I find myself bending over, and looking through the coring hole with one eye to line it up.  Be patient, and double check that you're not getting a bunch of seeds in with the peeled & slices apple meat.  Also - if they don't get perfectly peel free, it doesn't matter. In the blending step, any peel chops up into itty bitty pieces and baby will never know!

5.  Cook on medium or medium-high if you're brave, until good and soft. It took mine about 30 minutes. Stir occasionally - this helps break up the slices too.  Savor the autumn scent of stewing apples in the air. SO GOOD! Who needs air freshener anyways ;)

Very well cooked - so tender and sweet.
6.  Turn burner off, and let cool.  I had attention to give to Baby C at this point, and couldn't even tell you how long I let my apples cool off. Whatever, that's the nice thing about cooking baby food - if you get side tracked, it can wait for you.

7. Ladle into blender - including the liquid. Cover, and pulse a few times.  Check that there is enough liquid for the blender to work with. If not, add more. Pulse a few times again, and if liquid levels are good, go ahead and put on Liquify setting.  Let it go until you've got the consistency you want. I did 30 seconds or so.

8. Put puree into storage option of choice - cube trays, jars, tubs, etc. As always, I used a mix of my Mumi & Bubi baby food trays (serisouly best investment EVER), and plastic Gerber 3.5 oz tubs.  To use up some peach cubes that I made previously, I put a cube into each tub, then covered in apple.

Previously made peach cubes added to apples.

9. Freeze or refrigerate. Remember that refrigerated food should be used in 2 days, and frozen should be used in 2 months (altho I've read some places that it's good until 6 months, but declines in quality due to freezer burn).

When I asked to borrow the peeler/slicer/corer thingie (does this tool have a real name?), my mom mentioned that she's been using it lately. She obviously has too much time, since she made an apple pie. A real one, not with canned apple pie filling. Wow. I can't imagine all the things I'll get done in 20 years when the kids have grown up.... Nope! It's not going to happen, they will be my babies forever, right? <3

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