New Blog Name!

As a new blogger, I don't have many readers.

But for archiving purposes, and to not confuse any readers during this transition (I do have a few links at some of my favorite link parties), I thought I should clue the web in.

My old blog title was Oh Wells That's Life, a little play on my last name.

I found this to be too pessimistic, too long, and not descriptive of what I wanted my blog to be all about.

My new name: 
Crafty WI Mama

Totally awesome, right?  I know, I take all the credit myself :) 

I feel it encompasses exactly where I see my blog heading, as well as let readers know who I am. I am a proud Badger, midwestern mama. I love the culture of where I live.  I love my kids.  I love to create with many mediums - food, fabric, paint, paper, it goes on!

I raise my re-usable water bottle up - cheers, here's to hopefully successful blogging!

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