DIY Baby Food: Our Favorite Combos

I find such joy in cooking food for my family. It's a basic need that we all need met, but there is so much more to sharing a meal together. It's a daily ritual. A way to gather around as a family, share our days, and bond with each other.

When first starting to feed Baby C solid foods, I was feeling a little empty to not share the same foods that I was making for every one else. But now that he's been eating the basics for a while with no reactions, I like experimenting with interesting combos. You can find all the tutorials for these baby food basics on this page

I've also included the ratios of how I usually mix them together. I use freezer trays to make cubes, that I then use for the combos. Baby C eats a large amount of solids, and I usually make at least 4 oz of a combo, so the ratio doesn't always mean that it's only 1 cube of each. It's often 2 cubes of each, making four total.

Here are some hits:
  • Sweet potatoes & Apples (1:1, so 1 sweet potato cube for each apple cube)
  • Sweet potatoes & Pears (1:1)
  • Sweet potatoes, Apples & Pears (2:1:1)
  • Sweet potatoes & Peaches (2:1)
  • Pears & Blueberries (3:1)  - remember that blueberry spit up stains!!
  • Apples & Blueberries (3:1)
  • Pears & Peaches (1:1)
  • Pears & Plums (1:1)
  • Pears & Apples (1:1)
  • Apples & Peaches (2:1)
  • Apples & Plums (1:1)
  • Chicken, Apple & Sweet potatoes (1:1:1)
  • Chicken, Carrot & Sweet Potatoes (1:1:1)
  • Sweet potatoes & Carrots (3:1) 
  • Apples & Carrots (3:1) 
  • Mixed tropical fruit & butternut squash (1:1)
  • Apples & butternut squash (1:1)
  • Pork, Apples, Butternut squash (1:1:2)
  • Pork & Apples (1:1) and (1:2)
  • Pork, Mixed Tropical Fruit & Butternut Squash (1:2:2)
  • Green beans & Pears (store bought)
  • Sweet Potatoes & Carrots (1:1) - goes over better as a (3:1) ratio.
  • Chicken & Carrots (1:1)
  • Peas & Carrots (1:1) - Baby C hates peas

Also - my peaches and plums were not very ripe, so they turned out pretty tart. That's why I have to add in other fruits to make them edible - other wise they make Baby C's face pucker up (and mine for that matter).  If I had waited to make baby food from them until the fruits were very ripe, I might do some different combos like peaches & plums together.  Lesson learned, right?

I'll try to keep this updated as we try more new things!

I've added a few new foods into our rotations: pork, mixed tropical fruit (from frozen) and butternut squash.  Glad that these are foods Baby loves!

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