DIY Baby Gift: Crinkle Taggie Toy

My sister is due with her second child (another boy!) this winter. We are beyond excited, and her friends are throwing her a surprise "sprinkle" in a week. We're calling it a diaper and wipes party, since she's pretty well set on everything else needed for a baby. She saved most everything from her oldest, and I've given a few boxes of Baby C's things to her as well.

While hand-me-downs certainly serve their purpose, I still feel like she needs a few new things, just for the excitement factor.  I set out to make a few gifts, while not spending a dime and working down my huge fabric and craft stash.

While I was waiting for the snaps & snap pliers tool to arrive in the mail to finish up some cute baby bibs, I whipped up a totally fun taggie toy, with crinkle stuff in the middle.

  • fabric scraps - mine were two 6" squares of  tye-dye cotton
  •  ribbons
  • plastic for the crinkle - cereal bag or graham cracker packaging
  • pins
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
 How to do it:

1. Cut your ribbons to the appropriate length.
I eyeballed it, so that there was approx 1-2 inches that would stick out after seam allowance. I also used some bias tape scraps, so I zig-zag stitched the edges so that it wouldn't fray. For a few of the ribbons, I tied a knot or two in the middle, to add some extra texture for baby to discover.

2. Fold ribbons in half, pinning the looped part in towards the center. The second piece of fabric gets sewn on top later, then turned inside out to hide the seams, that's when the ribbons will be faced out... but that's in a few steps...

Pinned ribbons pointing toward the inside.

3. Sew down the ribbons, then remove pins - make sure to sew much farther towards the edge than the seam allowance for the finished toy.

4. Place second fabric piece on top, pin, and sew almost all the way around.
Make sure to leave a bit of an opening so that you can turn it right side out!

5. Remove pins. Snip off the corners at 45 degree angle to allow a nice smooth edge when turned right side out.

6. Fold up the plastic (clean & washed!) to the appropriate size for your taggie toy. Mine got folded twice - so there are 4 layers.  I sewed the free edges together to prevent slipping while inserting into the pocket. I then also had to trim it up a little to be able to fit.

7. Turn taggie right side out through the opening. Don't worry if you need to open it up a few stitches to be able to get it through.

8.  Nicely stuff the plastic into your taggie toy. I found it to be easiest to roll up, fit through the opening, then unroll it and flatten it out inside. Make sure it's centered, and not bunched up on any of the sides.

9. Sew up the opening, making sure the fabric edges are folded in. You could hand sew an invisible seam to close it up. I was lazy, and don't trust my hand sewing's durability, so I used my machine. I did a very small stitch very close to the edge.

10. Sew around the edges, and through the middle to keep crinkly from shifting during playtime or in the wash. I did a simple zig-zag, since that's as decorative of a stitch as my machine has.

Ta-Da! A totally easy and free baby toy!  I love the bright colors, the different textures of the ribbons, and that is it completely washable.
I'm tempted to make another for Baby C... maybe Badger colors :)

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  1. How fun. I always wondered how to make those.

  2. this looks like a fun and easy project to try! I have an almost 3 month old daughter who would really love this! And it will be a great use for all the scrap satin ribbon that i'm forever saving :)

    1. It really was simple to do, and quick. You know, too, that babies don't wait for us to finish our projects ;)
      I'd love to see your version when you make it!

    2. so true and will do!

  3. Such a great idea. I've pinned it and can't wait to make this for my new niece/nephew on the way. Found you on More the Merrier link up.
    Jen @

  4. Wow! This is great. Any there is nothing better free. Thanks for stopping and linking up at Mixer Monday. See you next week!

  5. It probably can't go in the dryer, eh?

    1. Hmmm... that's a good question. I can't see why not, other than the plastic on the inside - maybe on low would be the best bet.
      I'll have to try it!

  6. Great idea, it is so cute. I always wondered what is put in them to make the crinkle sound. Thanks for linking it up to my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

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