Toddler's Busy Box {Part 1 - Inspiration}

My sister is due in about a month with her second little boy - making my parents proud to have 2 daughters that gave them four grandsons :)

A few weeks back we held a "sprinkle" for her, just a small get together of some close family and friends. Sprinkles are usually just diapers and wipes, but of course we all couldn't help ourselves and have already spoiled that little boy rotten with the cutest darned outfits ever! I made from my fabric leftovers two adorable bibs, as well as a taggie toy that crinkles.

I drew back on a few memories of when I was pregnant and then also when Baby C had first arrived, as inspiration of what to give my sister at her shower.

When my sister thew my baby show last year, she was so kind and generous to also give T a few gifts. All the attention being on the baby in Mama's tummy can really make an older sibling feel left out, and just a small gift of toy animals and books really tickled T!

Another very kind gift that a friend got after Baby C was born was a pack of puzzles and a Thomas the Train movie for T. She said it was stuff to keep T busy, so I could be a little more hands free to nurse baby, or give Daddy a bigger break so Mama can sleep. I've just been so touched how family and friends have welcomed T into the family with such open arms, and been so very thoughtful.

I've mentioned in many of my other posts that finances are very tight right now. I would have loved to buy my nephew DVD's, toys, and games, but even $50 extra right now isn't possible. But who needs store-bought toys, when I've got a craft stash big enough to make some awesome things... oh yeah, and Pinterst to get the most amazing ideas :)

So away I went to make a busy box - here's my inspiration:

Uppercase & Lower Case Matching

Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Button Snake

Number Counting Wheel

I had hoped to not spend any money at all on craft supplies, but since most of it was cheap, and only required partial amounts of what you'd buy in the store, it wasn't too big of a deal.

I set out to make a busy bag.. well it turned into a box... full of fun and educational activities. None of the items are too small to worry about a small baby choking on them (you never realize how many kids toys are small until you have a baby that puts EVERYTHING in his mouth). Every piece of the busy box fits inside, so its easy to pick up and put away. I tried to make sure it's all stuff that can be done by a 3 year old, pretty much independently.

This post got way too long all together, and with so many pictures that I decided to split it up into two postings.  To see the tutorial & finished project of the Busy Box, click here. {if the link isn't working, check back soon! I'm still in the process of writing it all up :) }

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