{Sneak Peak} New Veggies for Baby Food

While browsing around some link parties this past week, I found this fabulous post from another mama who loves to make food for her baby.  She has made many of the same foods as I have for Baby C, like apples, sweet potatoes, peaches, and the like.

But there were a few veggies on her list that I had never thought to give Baby before, and knew I'd have to grab some and try it!

We had to stop at Aldi's to pick up bread, and I decided to browse the selection of veggies. Sure enough, they had exactly what I was looking for: asparagus (frozen), fresh zucchini & yellow squash.

Food is such an emotional thing for me.  So many tastes bring back all the joy of carefree childhood. All three of those veggies are things we ate when I was young.  My dad grew asparagus in the garden, amoung many other fruits and veggies that were homegrown.  Zucchinis and yellow squash were some of our summer favorites - just sauteed in a pan with a dash of oil and garlic. I love passing down the same flavors and food traditions to my kids... well they aren't really traditions, but I'm making them be now :)
Mama's little helper!

While Mr. E was driving TRex to his mom's for the weekend, I decided to get busy cooking.
I didn't get many pictures of the process, since it's the same old thing: 1-boil/steam, 2-puree, 3-put into containers & freeze.

I'll write up Baby C's reviews of them after we explore the flavors this weekend. I'm excited!

I know I have an easier time finding great fruits to feed Baby, but veggies seem to be the usual sweet potatoes, carrots & peas.  What other varieties of veggies are you feeding your babies, or even kids, to get them exposed to a more worldly palette of flavors?

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