Our Christmas in Photos

I am just in awe of the beautiful pictures my aunt and uncle captured over the holiday.  We held Christmas at my parents house this year (usually hosted by my aunt in Minnesota), since my sister welcomed her littlest just two short weeks ago.

Here are some pictures I thought were too good not to share.

Our DIY Christmas: Homemade Gift Round-up

Looking back on it, it was certainly a wonderful holiday. I got to see my aunts and uncle that live in other states. I also got to spend time with my Grandpa and his girlfriend (I know that sounds funny, they've been great partners for each other since my grandma passed almost 20 years ago).  You can check out some of our photos, in a post that I'll be uploading soon. What amazing photographers we have in our family!

Now, let me be clear... making almost all of our presents was quite the undertaking. And I should have known better than to wait until the last minute for some of them. Can someone explain to me why I always do that?!  :)

New Year's Clock Countdown {Free Printable}

I couldn't believe how much fun we had with our Christmas Countdown, adding a cotton ball each day. So simple, yet great for teaching a 3 year old some larger number recognition.

I got to thinking about fun things to do on New Year's Eve.  Why not do a spin-off of the Christmas Countdown, and do a New Year's Countdown?

This free printable was born:

Candy Cane Cocoa Dippers {Daycare Teacher Gift}

 Need a yummy last minute gift?  Quickly throw together these Candy Cane Cocoa Dippers for teachers, school staff, friends, or neighbors.

A great project for little ones to help with, they will love assembling the marshmallows & candy canes, then smashing up some peppermint pieces, and decorating.  Our three year old even enjoyed putting each bag together.

Spruce Up Bath Time! {Dollar Store Shaving Cream}

I consider myself very lucky. Both of my children love to take baths. I love having water babies, except for that they now fight over bath toys.... >:(  What's a mama to do to keep some peace in the house??

Distraction.  That is my favorite parenting tool. 

How to distract the three year old from his baby brother who steals all his bath toys?

Shaving Cream to the rescue!

Our Holiday Traditions, and a few other things...

I am a follower of the blog Marigolds' Loft, and today she posted about some holiday traditions.
Then she asked some questions for her readers to answer, about holidays and our traditions.
How fun! I love learning about how others celebrate the holidays, especially those in other countries :)

Here are my responses to the questions she posed