Our Holiday Traditions, and a few other things...

I am a follower of the blog Marigolds' Loft, and today she posted about some holiday traditions.
Then she asked some questions for her readers to answer, about holidays and our traditions.
How fun! I love learning about how others celebrate the holidays, especially those in other countries :)

Here are my responses to the questions she posed

1. Is the festive season a Tradition-Rich celebration in your country?
Different regions of the US have different traditions. The part where I live in Wisconsin was settled largely by Germans, and we also celebrate St Nick on the 6th in addition to our Christmas on the 25th. My parents who grew up in Iowa had never heard of such a holiday until moving to Wisconsin!

2. If so, how do you celebrate it?
In my family, we get stockings as our St Nick presents, which includes an orange, peanuts, chocolates, and maybe some small things like make-up, socks, perfume, or toys when we were younger.

3. What is at the top of your Bucket-list if you have/had one?
Take a vacation in Costa Rica! I went on a school trip in high school, and vowed that I had to go back one more time in my life. For those who have been, you know just how wonderful and spectacular of a place it is! And for those who have not visited, you need to add it to your bucket list too.  My goal is to at least visit the Arenal volcano hot springs again. Mama loves a hot tub :)

4. What is your next holiday destination?
We usually travel to Minneapolis for Christmas. But since my sister just had her second baby boy (as of yesterday!!! Congrats big sista!!!), my parents decided to host the extended family at their house.  This way, my little family doesn't have to worry about child-proofing, and my sister who lives only 10 minutes away from my parents can drop by with the brand new baby when they are both up to it. It's a win-win for everyone, so I guess I'm not traveling anywhere!

5. How many pets do you have?
We have one dog. She is a yellow lab and is 12-13 years old. We recently found out that she has gone deaf, and rather quickly, so we are adjusting to that. It is sad to not be able to tell her "good girl" and get that tail wagging. But, Mr E had trained her with hand commands as well as verbal, so she is still very obedient. It is taking a larger effort for all of us to make sure she knows we still love her, even if she can't hear our voices.  She has been getting many more tummy rubs and behind the ear scratches :)  It is bittersweet. Mr E no longer has a duck hunting dog.  It is good though, because since she can't hear, doorbells, knocks, noises from the downstairs apartment no longer drive her into a barking fit. She is much more calm now.

 Thanks Natalie for posting such fun questions to answer! You can see by my super long responses that I enjoyed them!


  1. Thank you so much for answering my questions, I really enjoyed reading your answers. Wow, Costa Rica sounds cool, I have always wanted to visit South America, hubby and I want to visit Peru at some point in our lives.
    Your dog sounds wonderful, it is so heartbreaking when they get on in life, but what would life be without our loving companions :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed reading it :) Thanks to you for posting those questions.
    It was a nice break from the usual blogging!


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