A tough decision...

It's pretty noticable.
I haven't posted in a while. A long while.

Life has surely gotten busy lately. Nothing out of the ordinary... kids schedules, working full time, doing small projects on our new home.

I found myself overwhelmed. It wasn't good. Anxious feelings were creeping up too frequently. 

I have decided to stop blogging for the time being. 

The rare bits of time that I do have, I would like to dedicate fully to my children and home. 

Thanks to all that read and visit. I hope to be back actively blogging again in the future :)


My Favorite Fall Posts

It's been a little over a year since I started blogging. It's been quite the journey, and I really enjoy writing and sharing much more than I imagined. It helps that there are so many wonderful ladies in the blogosphere, who are so inspiring!

I get a little sentimental when looking back at old posts, and I thought I'd round up my favorites from last fall. Please don't mind the poor photos - practice makes progress!

Chicken Wire Memo Board with Upcycled Picture Frame

Don't put heavy things... or anything... on top of a picture frame in your trunk. 
The glass will break.

When hanging large frames, be sure the hook is actually on the nail, not just the edge between the backing and the molding. It will eventually fall, scaring the crap out of everyone in the house. 
And the glass will break.

Sensing a theme here? I'm just too rough on my many picture frames, and therefore have quite a few beautiful frames minus the glass.

Along comes paint and chicken wire.

Decorating My New Entry Way & Table

Earlier this summer, I snagged an awesome deal on a vintage buffet at a local thrift store and great charity, St Vincent de Paul. I gave it a bold makeover with spray paint in bright happy blue.  That pop of blue became our accent color, since everything else in the living room is beige. 

And really, that's not such a bad thing, because when my current blue kick is over, I will only have to switch around a few key pieces.
Our entry way was purely functional (or trying to be), but once the buffet was finished, I felt the urge to give the rest of the area a makeover too.

Embellished Fleece Blanket - No Sew Edges

I love to score deals on fleece and make blankets for Project Linus (see why I love this charity so much).

At Joann's (a fabric store) I found a remnant of plain pink polar fleece. Sometimes plain is best, since there are so many possibilities.  In the same trip, I scored the cutest pink, black and white polka dot cotton fabric covered in glitter! I didn't have any intentions to use them together, but when reorganizing my fabric bins - LIGHTBULB! Spruce up the plain pink fleece with adorable glittery flowers.

DIY Sugar and Salt Scrubs {frugal spa gifts}

This past Christmas, I decided to make the majority of the gifts we gave. Many of the gifts can double as birthday presents, mother's day or father's day presents as well - check them out if you're looking for some fun and budget friendly projects.

Back in December, body scrub recipes were plastered all over my Pinterest page, but didn't want to buy expensive essential oils. Two scrubs stood out to me:  this recipe using peppermint extract from Life in the Motherhood, and these basic instructions from Martha Stewart.
I played around a bit, and modified the recipes.

Summer Time Baby Food

The raspberry batch is getting more dots of red each day. No matter how many we've picked, there are handfuls more the next day.

Last night I processed the quart or so we picked this week, and it reminded me of the baby food I used to make.

Vintage Buffet Makeover {with spray paint}

I frequently look for furniture at local thrift stores. Our Goodwill sells furniture for super cheap, but the items go quickly. The other thrift store, St Vincent de Paul, is visited less often so good picks are easier for this busy mama to score. Although furniture is a bit pricier there, I've heard a few of the cases that St Vincent has helped and I'm proud to support their involvement in the community.

This buffet caught my eye immediately. I love the clean lines. The simple-ness. The modern vintage feel.
Throw it in the truck now!

My Top 5 Fresh Raspberry Recipes

It's hot and humid here in South-Central Wisconsin.
I'm not a fan of it. But my raspberry patch sure is.

What to do with all these raspberries?

Call me picky, but I don't particularly like the texture of the seeds from the raspberries. I've tried to find a collection of recipes that use a combo of pureed fruit with juice, or just the strained fruit.

Well, here's a few recipes I like:

DIY Baby Shower Gift Round Up

I recently found out that one of my friends is expecting her second baby. They are beyond excited to expand their family, and so am I!

I have a weakness for anything handmade or homemade when it comes to babies and children. Every stitch adds in love, and that means so much more to me. 

Here's a short round up of some great and easy baby gifts.

It's been a while...

Hello all out there in blog land,

I had a spammy comment on one of my old posts, and as I went into Blogger to delete it, I realized just how long it has been since I've posted anything on my blog!

Our family has been busy, busy, busy in the past few months. Isn't that always the case? But seriously, the time has just flown by.

Garbage Disposal Cleaner - No Chemicals!

Mr E does the dishes every night (isn't he awesome?), but sometimes forgets to run the garbage disposal after putting some food scraps down.  That lead to super crazy stink when we come home from work the next day!

My solution: disposal cleaning cubes.

18+ Freezer Meals in One Week

Part of my family's long term goals is to move closer to my parents, sister, and her children. I'm finding it to be so very important to have a support system, and to be honest, I am completely burnt out with the way our lives are structured.

We are one step closer. I have recieved and accepted an offer for a new "big girl" job, minutes away from family.

The issue is that we still have a lease until June, so I will be commuting an hour each way for work. This means 6:15am daycare drop off, and not home until 5pm or later.

My first question was (in a state of panic):
Who's gunna cook supper?!?