Doggie Bed Preview! All Recycled Materials

Sneak Peek!

This past weekend I finally got down to it and made Puppy a new bed. Complete with paw print.... only to have Mr E say "probably should have told you earlier that dogs have four pads on their feet."
Ugh, dumb blond moment.

Oh well, still cute ;)

Best part: I didn't spend a dime!

Hoping to show how it's made this week!

Valentines for the Hubby

I always have a hard time coming up with crafts for my man, Mr E. We're trying to save up for a house right now, so I can't justify either of us spending $50-100 on Valentines day store bought gifts either.

I've created this round-up of great crafts and DIY's for Valentine's Day to give to the man in your life.

Candy-Free Valentines Ideas

I love holidays, every single one of them. Nothing better than getting to add some cute decorations to the mantle, and make some little treats for the kids to hand out.

The one thing we're still recovering from is the serious overload of candy. Halloween...then Christmas? Seriously. As if the winter carb-cravings weren't enough to damage my waistline.

Slowing down the blog...

Whereas most bloggers have made wonderful resolutions for their blog this new year, many involving posting more often, I am resolving to do the opposite. For now.

Last week Mr E's father passed away. Next week is Baby's first birthday. The following weeks are his late father's birthday, and then his mother's birthday.  It looks like January will be a strange mix of joyful memories created, and somber memories stirred up.

I had many goals this year to post frequently.  So many ideas have been swirling around my head for crafts, recipes, and parties. But they will have to wait. My family needs me to unplug a bit.

My goal will to be to post once a week this month. Even this is a lofty goal, but seeing as I have projects from Christmas to catch up on, it should be doable.

Once life has settled down a bit, I really hope I can get back into posting more frequently. I'd love for all you new readers to stick around a bit, and soon enough there will be plenty of exiting posts to share.

Thanks to all those who read my blog!

Bacon Chocolate Dipped Preztels

Don't turn up your nose until you try it!

What inspired such sillyness?

Most Popular Posts of 2012

I started the blogging journey back in July 2012.
It was out of curiosity. I was looking for an outlet for my thoughts, and a way to document our family's little happenings. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

Then I found the crafty world of blogging. It has shaped my life! I enjoy knowing that as I craft, I can document it and then share with others who enjoy crafting as much as I do :)

Here are my top 5 posts of 2012: