Slowing down the blog...

Whereas most bloggers have made wonderful resolutions for their blog this new year, many involving posting more often, I am resolving to do the opposite. For now.

Last week Mr E's father passed away. Next week is Baby's first birthday. The following weeks are his late father's birthday, and then his mother's birthday.  It looks like January will be a strange mix of joyful memories created, and somber memories stirred up.

I had many goals this year to post frequently.  So many ideas have been swirling around my head for crafts, recipes, and parties. But they will have to wait. My family needs me to unplug a bit.

My goal will to be to post once a week this month. Even this is a lofty goal, but seeing as I have projects from Christmas to catch up on, it should be doable.

Once life has settled down a bit, I really hope I can get back into posting more frequently. I'd love for all you new readers to stick around a bit, and soon enough there will be plenty of exiting posts to share.

Thanks to all those who read my blog!


  1. Sorry to hear of your loved ones passing. I too had to take nearly a year off from my blog to deal with my step-father's passing and my own health issues. I almost didn't start back up until I realized this is my online diary of sorts and I can post whenever the mood strikes me. I am sure that is what you are experiencing. We will be here waiting for you to post when you can. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. :) (((Hugs)))

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am also sorry to hear of the passing of your step father. Your own health problems added in just had to be so difficult. I've been doing fairly well, limiting myself to once a week. I feel like blogging is still a good creative outlet, something to keep the normalcy of life.
      All a part of God's plan, whether we realize it at the moment or not.
      XOXO - Ali


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