Garbage Disposal Cleaner - No Chemicals!

Mr E does the dishes every night (isn't he awesome?), but sometimes forgets to run the garbage disposal after putting some food scraps down.  That lead to super crazy stink when we come home from work the next day!

My solution: disposal cleaning cubes.

18+ Freezer Meals in One Week

Part of my family's long term goals is to move closer to my parents, sister, and her children. I'm finding it to be so very important to have a support system, and to be honest, I am completely burnt out with the way our lives are structured.

We are one step closer. I have recieved and accepted an offer for a new "big girl" job, minutes away from family.

The issue is that we still have a lease until June, so I will be commuting an hour each way for work. This means 6:15am daycare drop off, and not home until 5pm or later.

My first question was (in a state of panic):
Who's gunna cook supper?!?