Summer Time Baby Food

The raspberry batch is getting more dots of red each day. No matter how many we've picked, there are handfuls more the next day.

Last night I processed the quart or so we picked this week, and it reminded me of the baby food I used to make.

Vintage Buffet Makeover {with spray paint}

I frequently look for furniture at local thrift stores. Our Goodwill sells furniture for super cheap, but the items go quickly. The other thrift store, St Vincent de Paul, is visited less often so good picks are easier for this busy mama to score. Although furniture is a bit pricier there, I've heard a few of the cases that St Vincent has helped and I'm proud to support their involvement in the community.

This buffet caught my eye immediately. I love the clean lines. The simple-ness. The modern vintage feel.
Throw it in the truck now!

My Top 5 Fresh Raspberry Recipes

It's hot and humid here in South-Central Wisconsin.
I'm not a fan of it. But my raspberry patch sure is.

What to do with all these raspberries?

Call me picky, but I don't particularly like the texture of the seeds from the raspberries. I've tried to find a collection of recipes that use a combo of pureed fruit with juice, or just the strained fruit.

Well, here's a few recipes I like:

DIY Baby Shower Gift Round Up

I recently found out that one of my friends is expecting her second baby. They are beyond excited to expand their family, and so am I!

I have a weakness for anything handmade or homemade when it comes to babies and children. Every stitch adds in love, and that means so much more to me. 

Here's a short round up of some great and easy baby gifts.