Summer Time Baby Food

The raspberry batch is getting more dots of red each day. No matter how many we've picked, there are handfuls more the next day.

Last night I processed the quart or so we picked this week, and it reminded me of the baby food I used to make.

I miss making food for Baby C. It may not be typical for a new mom to say, but it was relaxing for me. Peeling, chopping, stirring, pouring. Predictable, routine, easy to drift off into thought.

This brings me to my current post. I thought I'd round up some of the summer's freshests foods as tutorials for baby food.
 Zucchinis. Anyone who grows them in their garden knows how they seem to explode this time of year.

Carrots. One of C's favorite first foods, and a great food to combine with other fruits and veggies, such as sweet potatoes, peas, or apples.

Peaches, blueberries, and plums. Those fruits all just say summer time to me. Pick them fresh from a tree, or grab a bag from the grocery store. Babies love the natural sweet taste, and mama's love the vitamins packed in these delish fruits.

Peas. I have many sweet memories of summer afternoons shucking fresh peas when I was a kid. Slightly sweet, tender peas are another classic healthy choice for baby. Either fresh or frozen work well for this recipe.

Another tip: Don't worry about making too much frozen fruit puree.
I found a gallon bag of each strawberry and blueberry cubes when we moved, and it's amazing what you can stir them into. Thaw and put into pancake/waffle batter or flavor the syrup. Blend into smoothies, or muffin batter, or whatever your creativity leads you to.

Enjoy cooking for your little one!

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