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Welcome! I'm Ali, thanks for stopping by!

Family Pic, Summer 2012
I am a working mother to two wonderful boys - one stepson, Ty who is 5 years old, and one bio son, Cam who is nick-named Bubba, 2. They are the best things that happened to me, and I strive to be the a better woman and mother because of them.

Our family also includes the boys' daddy (Mr E). He is very intelligent, has enough of an ego to get him ahead of the game, and has a nice bit of country to him.  Summers for him are full of watching and listening to Twins baseball. Fall bring Badger football, and the occasional Vikings (yuck!) game if it comes in on a local channel. He is also a great shot... of course, he knocked me down from the clouds. Ha!  But in all seriousness, he enjoys hunting waterfowl and turkeys. I still have yet to grow into the taste of wild duck.

Mr E with his double tag turkeys

We live in a quiet town somewhat near Madison WI and enjoy all that the wonderful state has to offer.  
I was born an raised a Wisconsin girl, and wouldn't leave for anything. My hopes are to raise our boys the same, with mid-western values and a love of life.

Life gets hectic, complicated, and down-right tough. But amidst it all I try to keep a positive attitude, and enjoy the blessed moments that my family has together on a daily basis.

Me and Bubba, August 2013
This past year, we purchased our first home as a couple. We were lucky to find the home of our dreams, and one that will be an amazing place for our boys to grow up.  There is lots of space, inside and out. But this also means more to clean, and better yet... decorate! I will blog about my decoration adventures, all within a somewhat frugal budget. 

Ty with fresh picked raspberries, July 2013
Another large part of our lives right now is saving up and planning our wedding. It's sneaking up on us quick (fall 2014!), and much of my free time is spent hand making much of the decor.

Silly smile Bubba, July 2013

As crazy as life gets for our family, I do try to remember to embrace it, and enjoy the ride.

I hope you find some inspiration in my crafts, recipes, and rambling on our lives.


  1. Hi Ali!
    Thanks for visitng my blog and leaving such a nice comment :) I love your blog-I also hold WI in a special place...my husband was born and raised there so we visit it often! I 'liked' your blog on FB and can't wait to see what you're up to!

    1. Wow, thanks Monica for the 'like' on Facebook!
      I'm now following your blog as well through my Google reader :)

  2. Thanks for posting some of your fav. baby food recipes. I caught your blog from the bump. I'm also from WI (although don't live there anymore). My son is almost 10 months & has made 4 trips to WI already. Thanks for posting your baby food combo's. I make a lot of his food & am always looking for new things for him.


    1. Thanks for such a nice comment! I found making baby food kind of intimidating at first and was hesitant to try it. So after I found out how simple it was, I tried to document it all out so that other mama's would be able to do it too without being afraid of messing it up.
      I'm glad you enjoy my posts!!! :)


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